Top 8 Interesting Features of Canva Magic Studio

Published By- The Qualts

Published Date- 07 Oct 2023

1. Magic Switch 

Canva's Magic Studio includes a tool called Magic Switch, enabling users to convert formats like presentations into text documents or whiteboard sessions into summarized posts. 

2. Magic Media 

This tool helps transform text into stylized photos or short videos, enhancing visual content creation. 

3. Magic Design 

Magic Design allows users to convert text prompts into media presentations or other completed designs for a more engaging look. 

4. Brand Voice 

Canva offers AI-powered Magic Write for generating text in line with a brand's tone and culture, ensuring consistent messaging. 

5. Magic Morph 

his tool transforms text and shapes into engaging styles, like furry, glossy, or bubbly, adding an artistic twist to designs. 

6. Magic Grab 

Magic Grab is a tool for editing multimedia content, allowing users to extract objects from images and change their positions. 

7. Magic Expand 

Similar to Adobe Firefly's generative AI capabilities, Magic Expand fills in images by adding to their backgrounds, enhancing visual content. 

8.AI Apps on Canva

Canva's Apps Marketplace offers AI apps from companies like OpenAI (maker of ChatGPT) and Google, making it convenient for users to access third-party products without leaving Canva's platform. 

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