OpenAI is Introducing New Voice and Image Capabilities in ChatGPT.

Published By- The Qualts

Published Date- 26 Sept 2023

Intuitive Interface

These features offer a more intuitive interface, allowing users to converse with ChatGPT using voice and share images.

Versatile Usage

Users can apply voice and image capabilities for practical purposes, like discussing landmarks, meal planning, and educational tasks.

Rollout to Users

Initially available to Plus and Enterprise users over the next two weeks.– Voice feature will be accessible on iOS and Android via settings, while image support will be on all platforms.

Voice Feature

– Users can engage in back-and-forth voice conversations with ChatGPT. – Setup involves enabling voice in the mobile app's settings and choosing from five different voices.

Image Feature

– Users can share images with ChatGPT for various tasks. – Usage involves tapping the photo button or using a drawing tool in the mobile app. – Image understanding is facilitated by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models.

Gradual Deployment for Safety

– OpenAI's approach is gradual deployment to ensure safety. – Voice technology initially focuses on voice chat and involves collaboration with voice actors. – Vision models are tested for risks and privacy measures are in place.


– OpenAI is transparent about model limitations, especially for non-English languages. – Higher-risk use cases are discouraged without proper verification

Expansion of Access

– Plus and Enterprise users get initial access. – The plan is to expand these capabilities to other user groups, including developers.

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