What is AI Death Calculator (Life2vec)? Which Can Predict Your Death..

What is AI Death Calculator (Life2vec)? Which Can Predict Your Death..

In an era where technology seamlessly intertwines with our daily lives, a revolutionary AI death calculator named “life2vec” has emerged from collaborative efforts between researchers in Denmark and the United States. This groundbreaking tool showcases an impressive 78% accuracy in predicting individual lifespans by analyzing a blend of personal details, including income, profession, residence, and health history.

What is AI Death Calculator (Life2vec)?

Conceived by Sune Lehmann, a professor at the Technical University of Denmark, and his team, life2vec employs a technology reminiscent of ChatGPT, treating human lives as sequences of events. Lehmann explains, “Just like words in sentences, events follow each other in human lives,” allowing the AI to closely scrutinize a person’s past to forecast future outcomes.

The study, which involved a diverse group of 6 million Danish individuals from 2008 to 2020, tasked the AI with determining those who would live at least four years beyond January 1, 2016. The algorithm processed detailed data represented by digital tokens for events like a forearm fracture or working in a tobacco shop.

While the AI’s predictive capabilities extend beyond life expectancy, encompassing traits and decisions, Lehmann emphasizes the need for responsible use. The predictions are not intended for scenarios like insurance policies or employment judgments. Instead, the focus is on comprehending the potential and limitations of such predictions.

Despite its impressive power, life2vec is not yet available to the public, and Lehmann assures that, if it ever becomes mainstream, it won’t be utilized to inform individuals of their death predictions due to ethical considerations. The study offers insights into various factors influencing lifespan, identifying connections between being male, having a mental health diagnosis, or working in a skilled profession and earlier mortality.

Life2vec Availability:

For those curious about the workings of this death calculator, it’s essential to note that life2vec is not currently accessible to the public. Lehmann emphasizes ongoing efforts to share results openly, ensuring privacy safeguards for individuals involved in the study. As the intersection of technology and personal data evolves, responsible use remains a guiding principle in harnessing the potential of such groundbreaking AI advancements.

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