US President Joe Biden's Bold Move on AI Regulation: 10 Key Point

Published By- The Qualts

Published Date- 30 Oct 2023

1.Protecting the Public 

President Biden signs an executive order to regulate generative AI, prioritizing public safety. 

2.Eight Critical Objectives

The order sets out eight objectives for AI development, including safety, privacy, and fairness. 

3.Phased Implementation 

Initiatives will roll out over a year, with minor safety improvements within 90 days and comprehensive reporting mandates in a year. 

4.AI Council Oversight 

An "AI council" led by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed will oversee the initiatives. 

5.Standards Against AI Misuse 

Government agencies tasked with creating standards to protect against AI misuse, biological engineering, and cybersecurity risks. 

6.Defense Production Act 

Companies developing risky AI models must notify the government and share safety test results before release. 

7.Cybersecurity Boost 

A cybersecurity program based on the AI Cyber Challenge aims to address software infrastructure vulnerabilities. 

8.Content Verification 

Federal agencies to develop a watermarking system to verify AI-generated content, endorsed by major AI companies. 

9.AI Bill of Rights 

Extending protection to include civil rights violations, combating discriminatory AI practices. 

10.Job Security 

Guidelines for employers and a study on AI's impact on the job market, coupled with efforts to attract AI talent to federal jobs through 

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