Top 10 Quantum Computing Projects for Beginners

Published By- Nilesh Badwar (TheQualts)

Published Date- 30 Nov 2023

1) Quantum Coin Flip: 

Objective: Simulate a quantum coin flip. Tools: Qiskit. Skills: Basic quantum gates, probability.

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2) Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG): 

Objective: Develop a QRNG. Tools: Qiskit or Cirq. Skills: Quantum circuit design, basic programming.

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3) Quantum Teleportation: 

Objective: Implement quantum teleportation. Tools: Qiskit or Cirq. Skills: Entanglement, quantum gates.

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4) Grover's Search Algorithm: 

Objective: Build Grover's algorithm. Tools: Qiskit, Cirq. Skills: Quantum oracle, amplitude amplification.

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5) Quantum Chess Game: 

Objective: Create a basic quantum chess game. Tools: Qiskit. Skills: Quantum logic gates, superposition, basic game development.

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6) Quantum Machine Learning (QML): 

Objective: Explore QML algorithms. Tools: Qiskit, TensorFlow Quantum. Skills: Basic machine learning, quantum circuit design.

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7) Quantum Cryptography Simulation: 

Objective: Simulate quantum key distribution. Tools: Qiskit. Skills: Quantum encryption principles.

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8) Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE): 

Objective: Implement VQE for molecular Hamiltonians. Tools: Qiskit, Rigetti Forest. Skills: Quantum chemistry basics, variational algorithms.

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9) Quantum Walk Simulation: 

Objective: Simulate quantum walks. Tools: Qiskit, Cirq. Skills: Quantum algorithms, basic programming.

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10) hor's Algorithm for Integer Factorization: 

Objective: Study and implement Shor's algorithm. Tools: Qiskit, Cirq. Skills: Basic number theory, quantum algorithms.

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