How to Make Money with Computer Bots

Published By- Nilesh Hembade (TheQualts)

Published Date- 27 Nov 2023

Identify Market Needs: 

Identify tasks or processes in various industries that can benefit from automation.

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Learn Programming: 

Acquire programming skills, especially in languages like Python or JavaScript. 

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Choose a Niche:

Select a specific industry or task to focus on, increasing the bot's effectiveness.

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Build Versatile Bots:

Develop bots that can perform a range of tasks for broader application. 

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Ensure Ethical Use:

Adhere to ethical standards and legal considerations to avoid misuse. 

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Monetize Strategies:

Offer bots as subscription services, explore licensing models, or one-time purchases. 

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Provide Customization:

Allow users to customize bot functionalities for tailored solutions. 

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