Breaking: OpenAI Rehired Sam Altman as CEO. 

Published By- Nilesh Badwar

Published Date- 22 Nov 2023

Altman Returns as OpenAI CEO: 

Sam Altman comes back as OpenAI CEO, following his recent role announcement in Microsoft's AI research team by Satya Nadella. 

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New Board Formation:  

A new initial board is set up at OpenAI, featuring Bret Taylor as Chair, along with Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo. 

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Finalizing Return Details: 

collaborative efforts are in progress to finalize the specifics of Altman's return, with gratitude expressed for stakeholders' patience. 

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Nadella Acknowledges Altman 

Satya Nadella acknowledges Altman's potential, expressing openness to his return to OpenAI.

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Altman's Commitment:  

Altman reaffirms his commitment to OpenAI, clarifying recent actions aimed at preserving the team and mission. 

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Building Partnerships:  

With Altman, Brockman, and team at the helm, Microsoft sets stage for groundbreaking AI research, promising an exciting technological future.

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Brockman's Return Confirmed: 

Altman's ally, Greg Brockman, confirms his return, signaling key figures coming back to OpenAI. 

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