Adobe Acquired This Bengaluru-Based AI Startup

Published By- Nilesh Badwar (TheQualts)

Published Date- 23 Nov 2023

Game-Changing Move 

Adobe makes a strategic move by acquiring Bengaluru-based, signaling its entry into the generative AI and video-tooling space.

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Integration Goals 

Adobe aims to elevate its video-editing platform, Creative Cloud, by integrating Rephrase's technology and generative AI capabilities. 

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Impressive Startup, led by IIT graduates, has raised $13.9 million, offering users an easy way to generate professional videos and create digital avatars.

Team Transition

In the deal, most of Rephrase's team joins Adobe, showcasing a collaborative effort. The founders are expected to receive cash and Adobe stock. 

Adobe's Indian Startup Debut 

This acquisition marks Adobe's first venture into the generative AI and video-tooling space and its first acquisition of an Indian startup. 

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AGI Focus 

Adobe's entry into the generative AI space is evident with the beta launch of the Firefly model, showcasing its commitment to advanced AI tools.

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