Ram Mandir Ayodhya: AI Enabled CCTV Cameras and Drones Deployed to Maintain Security

Ram Mandir Ayodhya: AI Enabled CCTV Cameras and Drones Deployed to Maintain Security

Ayodhya is gearing up for the big consecration ceremony at the Ram temple Ayodhya today at 12:29 PM IST, and it’s not just the usual security. They’ve brought in some top-notch tech stuff! Imagine 10,000 super-smart cameras and drones with a kind of computer brain keeping an eye on things.

From the busy Dharam Path and Ram Path to the quieter Hanumangarhi area and Asharfi Bhavan road, you’ll see police folks walking around. They’ve been doing this for days, making sure everything’s safe and sound.

Even the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) did their rounds last weekend. But what’s really catching eyes are these AI drones flying high in the sky. They’re not just regular drones; some of them are like detective drones checking the ground for any bad stuff using fancy tech like spectrometers.

You might spot moveable blockades with sharp wires at the main crossings. These help control traffic, especially when important people are around. The big boss of law and order, Prashant Kumar, made it clear that they’ve taken extra measures on every road, making sure everyone is safe in the special zones.

Detective Drones on Duty: AI and Anti-Mine Technology Enhance Ground Security

Now, here’s the cool part – they’ve put up 10,000 cameras everywhere in Ayodhya. And get this, some of these cameras are like little geniuses! They use AI to keep a close watch on people and what they’re up to.

At the actual ceremony, there will be undercover police in regular clothes who can speak different languages – just like secret agents you see in movies. Even the Saryu river is getting extra protection with help from special teams.

So, as the big ‘pran pratishtha’ day gets closer, it’s not just about regular security; it’s about using the coolest tech to make sure everything goes smoothly. Ayodhya is turning into a super-safe place for this historic event!


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