India at the AI Safety Summit: Prioritizing Transparency and Accountability in AI

India at the AI Safety Summit: Prioritizing Transparency and Accountability in AI

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/ India’s commitment to AI transparency and accountability at the inaugural AI Safety Summit. Exploring the future of AI for good.

By Nilesh Badwar.

Nov 01, 2023, 21:34 PM IST

The world’s inaugural global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Safety Summit, hosted by the United Kingdom, is now officially underway. India’s representation at this groundbreaking event, through Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, signifies the nation’s commitment to shaping a future in which AI operates under the principles of openness, safety, trust, and accountability.

Chandrasekhar emphasized the significance of digital advancements for India, viewing artificial intelligence as a dynamic catalyst for its rapidly expanding digital economy. He acknowledged that while techno-optimism prevails, a new paradigm is essential, one that places a higher onus on platform accountability in addressing issues related to user harm.

Global Collaboration for AI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for the future of technology is one predicated on international cooperation and collaboration among nations. Chandrasekhar echoed this sentiment, underlining the importance of fostering global partnerships in the realm of AI.

“We are in a moment in history where India’s role in the AI landscape is pivotal,” said Chandrasekhar. He emphasized that India approaches AI with the intent of fostering goodwill and ensuring it serves the greater good. Dismissing the notion of “AI for bad,” he asserted that there must be no doubt that technology’s future should be resolutely focused on positive outcomes.

Balancing Innovation and Regulation

Reflecting on past experiences, Chandrasekhar warned against allowing innovation to outpace regulation, which can lead to toxicity, misinformation, and the weaponization of technology, particularly on social media platforms. He stressed that such a vision is incompatible with the path that AI should tread in the coming years. The desire is for AI to be a force for goodness, safety, and trust. To achieve this, platforms and innovators must be prepared to demonstrate accountability and adhere to the law.

The inaugural AI Safety Summit, taking place at Bletchley Park in the UK, brings together world leaders, prominent figures from the tech industry, and the wider scientific community. Over the course of two days, attendees will deliberate on the measures required to ensure the safe and responsible development of artificial intelligence.

India’s Commitment to Responsible AI

India’s presence at this summit reflects the nation’s commitment to the responsible evolution of AI, ensuring that it is harnessed for the betterment of society while safeguarding the principles of transparency and accountability. The discourse at this groundbreaking event is expected to shape the future of AI, fostering an environment where innovation is balanced with ethical considerations and the greater good of humanity.


In conclusion, India’s participation at the inaugural AI Safety Summit in the United Kingdom highlights its dedication to shaping a future where artificial intelligence operates with a firm foundation of transparency and accountability.

Source: TimesNowNews

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