Facebook’s New Multiple Personal Profiles Feature: What You Need to Know

Facebook’s New Multiple Personal Profiles Feature: What You Need to Know

Meta is set to revolutionize the way users manage their online identities with the introduction of multiple personal profiles on Facebook.

By Nilesh Badwar.

Sep 25, 2023, 22:20 PM IST

In a recent announcement, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, revealed its plan to launch a groundbreaking feature that will allow Facebook users to create and seamlessly switch between multiple personal profiles on a single account. This innovative update aims to provide users with greater control over their online presence and content consumption.

Why Multiple Personal Profiles?

The idea behind this feature is to enable users to compartmentalize their online lives effectively. Whether you want to keep your personal and professional relationships separate, maintain one profile for your hobbies and interests, or simply organize your online interactions more efficiently, multiple personal profiles offer the flexibility to cater to various aspects of your life.

Meta articulated this idea by stating, “Creating multiple personal profiles lets you easily organize who you share with and what content you see for the various parts of your life. Think one profile for the foodie scene you love and another one to keep up with your friends and family.”

Key Features

Here are some key aspects of this upcoming feature:

  1. Up to Five Profiles: Users will be able to create up to five personal profiles in addition to their primary account. This will provide ample flexibility to manage different aspects of their online presence.
  2. Seamless Switching: Switching between profiles will be effortless, without the need to log out and log back in. Users can access a menu by tapping their profile picture on the bottom right of the toolbar, allowing for quick transitions.
  3. Unique Feeds: Each profile will have its unique Feed, ensuring that the content you see aligns with the interests and connections associated with that particular profile.

Limitations and Rollout

Although this feature promises enhanced control over one’s Facebook experience, there are certain limitations to consider. To start with, features like Facebook Dating, Facebook Marketplace, and Professional Mode will not be accessible from the additional profiles initially. Additionally, the Messenger app will not support these profiles at launch.

Meta emphasized that these multiple profiles should not be used for impersonation or violating community standards. Users are expected to adhere to Facebook’s guidelines regarding identity representation.

User Feedback and the Path Forward

Meta’s decision to introduce multiple personal profiles on Facebook comes after a year of experimentation and extensive user feedback. The company’s motivation behind this innovation is to offer a more organized and tailored experience for users. It aims to address the need for a clearer separation of friends, groups, and interests, empowering users to engage with their chosen audience more freely.

The rollout of this feature is expected to take place over the next few months, gradually reaching Facebook users worldwide. As the implementation progresses, Meta will likely gather further feedback and make adjustments to enhance the user experience.


Meta’s introduction of multiple personal profiles on Facebook is poised to revolutionize the way users manage their online identities. This innovative feature offers greater control, organization, and customization for users, allowing them to tailor their Facebook experience to different aspects of their lives.

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