Caviar Launches the Limited Edition “Era of Dragon” for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Caviar Launches the Limited Edition “Era of Dragon” for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Forget your standard smartphone upgrade – Caviar, the name synonymous with opulent tech transformations, has just unleashed a collection that defies expectations. Introducing the “Era of Dragon” for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, a limited-edition series where technology and luxury tango in a mesmerizing fusion.

The crown jewel of this collection is the “Yong” model, a $15,000 masterpiece draped in black PVD-coated titanium. But the true spectacle lies in the 24-karat gold Korean dragon bas-relief slithering across the back. This intricate engraving isn’t just eye candy; it’s a nod to Eastern mythology and a symbol of power and majesty, weaving the spirit of the dragon into the very fabric of your phone.

But Caviar doesn’t just add sparkle – they add so Nestled within the “Yong” is the CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon, a handcrafted mechanical marvel showcasing 19 jewels and completing a mesmerizing one-minute rotation. It’s a rare glimpse of watchmaking artistry dancing within the modern canvas of your smartphone, transforming it into a coveted collector’s item.

The dragon isn’t the only mythical inhabitant of this collection. Three diamond-studded stars and a zodiac circle, blending Eastern and Western constellations, adorn the phone, imbuing it with layers of cultural harmony and personalized meaning. Feeling a kinship with your astrological sign? Caviar offers specific models featuring your constellation for a more personal touch, starting at $9,000.

But be warned, exclusivity reigns supreme here. Only 24 “Yong” and 99 zodiac models will ever grace this planet, making them more than just phones – they’re tech-infused art pieces whispered into existence for a select few.

So, if you’re seeking a smartphone that transcends mere functionality, a device that whispers stories of dragons and constellations, then step into the “Era of Dragon.” Here, technology sheds its mundane skin and takes flight on the wings of luxury and cultural symbiosis.

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