AI Startup from Thiruvananthapuram Could Change the Future of Filmmaking

AI Startup from Thiruvananthapuram Could Change the Future of Filmmaking

/ Discover how AI startup Dcult Studio is revolutionizing filmmaking with AI-generated storyboards, saving time and resources for filmmakers

By Nilesh Badwar.

Date: Oct 14, 2023 08:18 AM IST

The world is advancing day by day in each sector by using Artificial Intelligence. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and the growing influence of artificial intelligence, Accubits Technologies, a pioneering startup nestled in the heart of Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, is set to transform the landscape of filmmaking. Their innovative brainchild, Dcult Studio, is poised to revolutionize the creative process, offering filmmakers a novel way to bring their visions to life through the power of AI.

The latest buzz in the film industry, as reported by The New Indian Express, centers on Dcult Studio’s groundbreaking technology, which translates written narratives into captivating storyboards that are not only strikingly accurate but also emotionally resonant, thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence.

The innovation unfolds in a two-step process. First, the technology meticulously converts written scripts into a conventional computer-text format, commonly referred to as a “prompt.” Then, it employs the wizardry of AI to fashion these prompts into captivating images. These AI-generated storyboards provide filmmakers with a visual guide that effortlessly encapsulates the very essence of their scripts.


Traditionally, the arduous task of converting scripts into storyboards could span weeks or months, involving the intricate labor of skilled artists who painstakingly drew each scene, characters, and their emotions. This consumed both precious time and substantial capital. With Dcult Studio’s AI-driven approach, the process is remarkably streamlined, granting filmmakers a newfound efficiency in their craft.

Gokul A, the visionary founder of DCult Studio and co-founder of Accubits, elucidated on the potential of this technology in a conversation with The New Indian Express. He emphasized that the reduced effort and accelerated creation of detailed, precise storyboards provide filmmakers with the ability to manage their resources more effectively. This, in turn, ensures that their creative vision remains undiluted by the constraints of budget and time.

“We believe that stories are the thread that weaves our shared human experience. Our technology is designed to be an invisible ally to filmmakers, silently working in the background, ensuring their stories – their emotional and creative investments – are visualized in a way that stays true to their original essence,” Gokul expressed.

This pioneering startup has already captured the attention of major players in the Malayalam film industry. Renowned production houses like Mammootty Kampany, Wayfarer Films, Prithviraj Productions, and the acclaimed producer Sophia Paul have expressed a keen interest in collaborating with DCult Studio. Gokul’s vision extends beyond the regional confines, as he aspires to popularize this first-of-its-kind technology across the nation, aiming to make it an integral part of the filmmaking process.

“As a film producer and production controller, I have found AI storyboarding to be an invaluable tool in saving both time and money during the pre-production phase. By using AI to create detailed storyboards, we were able to visualize and plan out each shot with precision, eliminating the need for expensive reshoots or additional shooting days. This streamlined our production process and significantly reduced our overall budget,” revealed Rinny Divakar, a co-producer of the recently released film Kasargold.

At the core of Dcult Studio is a dedicated team of seven, blending creative genius with technological prowess. Their collective expertise and unwavering passion form the backbone of the platform, ensuring it caters to the unique needs of filmmakers. They are not merely building a tool; they are crafting a solution that nurtures and breathes life into the stories of creators.

Gokul envisions Dcult Studio as not just a platform but a movement towards a future where storytelling knows no bounds. It’s a future where every story, from every corner of the globe, can be told without barriers, and the role of AI in this process is paramount. As this innovative startup paves the way for a brighter and more inclusive cinematic future, the world of filmmaking eagerly awaits the transformative impact of Dcult Studio.

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